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Company Profile

The Impact Register Inc. has beenyankees jerseys cheap designing recording equipment exclusively since 1914.

Impact Register Inc.

Impact Register Inc. is the largest manufacturer of diversified impact wholesale nfl jerseys recorders and accelerometers in the world. It pioneered the development of the impactcheap yankees jerseys recorders for use in rail shipments, receiving a patent for the first Savage Impact Recorder in 1914. Today, with over 90 years of experience serving thousand of customers worldwide, Impact Register nfl jerseys wholesale Inc. is heralded not only as the pioneer, but also the international leader in the manufacturing of impact recorders. Impact Register Inc.'s history clearly shows its dedication to service and wholesale nfl jerseys high quality impact recorders.


Today Impact Register Inc. manufactures impact recorders to the same cheap jerseys for sale stringent tolerance and accuracy requirements that its 90-year record mandates. Computer-controlled metal working equipment produces recorder components to exact tolerances of .0001". And the company's engineering staff is one of the most qualified in the industry-ready to solve customer problems with resources like the largest library of cheap womens nfl jerseys technological documents and references to impact and acceleration measurement available anywhere.

Durable design and cheap jerseys free shipping precision manufacturing make it possible for Impact Register Inc.'s impact recorders to maintain accuracy with 4% of full scale by reducing the error caused by hysteresis of moving parts. To ensure accuracy, our recorders are cheap nfl women jerseys calibrated both statically and dynamically.

Impact Register Inc. manufacturers various types of impact recorders that nfl jerseys wholesale provide the most satisfactory instrumentation for each specific application at the lowest possible cost. These range from the simple, maximum indicating, low frequency, single axis instruments to thenfl jerseys wholesale more versatile continuous recording, multi axis impact recorders which ensure the best possible results. Data from the impact recorders is widely accepted for use in litigation involving lading damage, and has stood up to the cheap youth jerseys rigors of numerous federal cases.